adam torres rides tom nutt raw

Adam Torres Rides Tom Nutt RAW at BAD PUPPY

Adam Torres is studying for an exam that he really needs to pass; but, Tom Nutt has other plans and it’s all about distracting his sex interest. He grabs Adam’s study book, puts it on the stand next to the bed and gives Adam a deep kiss on the lips. Tom kisses his way down Adam’s chiseled pecks and abs until he gets to his underwear. Pulling back the top; Tom finds a fully erect cock waiting for his eager mouth. As he flips around to get a better angle on Adam’s cock, Tom begins pulling off Adam’s underwear so they can take turns sucking each other’s cocks. Adam pulls his legs back letting Tom work his long, wet tongue deep into his hole. When he’s done with his tongue he switches to some finger fucking action; making sure Adam’s hole was ready for that really long cock. Adam’s ready for Tom’s cock and he rolls over on the bed with his ass in the air. Tom drives his cock in and goes to fucking Adam’s ass like there was no tomorrow. Things get hot when Adam takes control. With Tom lying back on the bed; Adam sits down on Tom’s thick piece of meat. They go between Adam riding up and down to Tom ass-pounding from below. In the final scene Tom shoves his cock in one final time and pushes Adam over the edge. The jizz that comes out of Adam goes everywhere and it’s thick and juicy as it runs down his torso. As Tom pulls out of Adam’s ass he moves to where he can blow his load all over Adam’s face. Cum shoots into Adam’s mouth, all over his cheek and into his eye; and, after a taste of Tom’s love juice Adam reminds Tom that he needs to study.


Adam Torres Rides Tom Nutt RAW 01



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