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airport security officer gets fucked in the cell - ALL GAY PORN

airport security officer gets fucked in the cell

Dusan Polanek, Airport Security Officer Gets FuckedĀ In The Cell by Adam Rezal at STR8HELL.COM

Dusan Polanek is in charge of Airport Security today and he has Adam Rezal in the cells. Adam is shouting to be released, claiming that he hasn’t done anything. Dusan claims that Adam had something he shouldn’t in his suitcase. A discussion ensues ending with Dusan deciding he has to use his hands for some investigation. He gropes Adam through his pants, despite protestations, and then opens the shirt too. He pushes Adam down onto his knees and then, whipping out his own stiffening cock tells him to suck it. Adam doesn’t want too but he eventually opens his mouth to let the dick slide in. Dusan fucks his cock in and out of the mouth. Adams lips close around the cock as it fucks his face. He seems to be enjoying it some as his tongue also comes out to taste the cock. Dusan stands him up, tying his hands and then opens Adam’s pants and grabbing his cock. He wanks on the cock and the starts to suck it too. Having gorged himself on Adam’s stiff dic k Dusan turns around and slides his ass over it. He pushes his ass right onto the cock and fucks himself onto it. Adam’s dick is rock hard and Dusan’s hole works it so well. Dusan grabs his own cock and wanks it as he takes Adam deep in his hole. With the dick all the way in his ass Dusan’s cock erupts with a big creamy load of hot cum. Then he goes back to fucking his ass on the cock until he gauges it ready. He comes off and wanks Adam’s throbbing cock until it cums. Dusan licks the sticky cock, tasting the cum.


Airport Security Officer Gets Fucked In The Cell 01 Airport Security Officer Gets Fucked In The Cell 02


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