casey everett rides josh moore

Casey Everett Rides Josh Moore in CALL ME LUCKY at COCKY BOYS

Casey Everett has an very tempting invitation for Josh Moore. His boyfriend has given him alone time to meet Josh. So he’s left his door open and is waiting for him in his bathtub. When Josh arrives Casey adds one more temptation to get him into his tub by showing off his bubble butt. It’s really unnecessary because Josh is already hard. So just seconds later he’s standing next to the tub finding out how good a cocksucker Casey is. It’s after this that Josh joins Casey in the tub to rim the beautiful butt offered up to him.

Josh’s hungry mouth and skillful tongue action work their magic on Casey who in turn is very vocal about letting him know how good it feels. He doesn’t even have to ask Josh tofuck him..Josh knows he wants it. And since Casey is already on all fours Josh just stands and slides right into him. He builds momentum slowly and steadily. Also he is going deeper, harder and faster as Casey gets louder..with no apparent limits on how hard he’s fucked. He even fucks his hole on Josh’s thrusts when they move outside tub and fuck against it for better traction.

Soon Casey and Josh are in perfect sync. They change it up with Josh sitting on the edge of the tub while Casey rides his pistoning thick cock. Casey works his hole on Josh’s cock. And he is so hard himself with his cock waving in the air that you’ll think he’s about ready to shoot hands free. Casey does tip over the edge jerks off a thick load that splatters to the floor. Casey keeps riding Josh until he reaches the edge. Finally he gives the eager bottom a thick facial just as he wanted.

At the end Casey is so happy with this hook-up he invites Josh to come back. Also he is tempting him with this offer, “My boyfriend will really like you.”…


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