colby jansen fucks kevin david

Colby Jansen Fucks Kevin David in “The French Exchange Student Part 2” at COLBYS CREW

A few weeks back Colby did a casting session with his new cash-starved roommate, Kevin David, a French exchange student. Today, Colby enters the kid’s room to give him the good news. Kevin is not that excited, he’s rather nervous. Laughing it off, Colby offers Kevin a practice run. Remembering their first encounter, this is a suggestion that the sexy Frenchman is more than willing to accept. Kevin has no problem playing with Colby. Au contraire, he enjoys Colby’s hunky maleness. But, the idea of intimacy with other guys on screen is jarring him. Colby reassures him and moves in closer. They kiss. Intimate. Sensual. Reassuring. Colby’s making this a feel-good moment for his young roomie. As Kevin strips his t-shirt off, Colby begins to kiss his buddy all over, making his way down to Kevin’s jeans, stripping them off before plunging in onto the boy’s stiff uncut and throbbing dick. Gradually, Kevin’s sheath-covered gland is exposed as Colby’s hungry mouth is making him harder by the second. Colby soldiers on sucking and jacking the boy’s stiff 8 incher. They then take a short break allowing Colby to strip down to nothing. Now it’s time for him to deliver his smooth yet hard cock to the sex starved foreigner. Kevin sucks deep as Colby thrusts the kid’s head up and down over his stiff boner. While sucking Colby from every angle, Kevin jerks his own glowing cock, skinning back and forth his crimson head in the process. This intense and passionate action continues as Colby repositions himself to give his young buddy a fine ass-riming. As usual, this is his way of prepping his prey for a good ass thrashing. Kevin moans loudly into his pillow as Colby delivers non-stop. A few minutes pass before Colby finally zeros in on his boy toy’s butthole. He pounds his willing bottom forcefully. Colby then maneuvers his ass into various positions, never letting go of the kid’s butt hole. Kevin takes it like a champ, gradually jacking his stiff rod all the way to an explosive orgasm. As he’s lying on his back, he showers his chest, arms and abs with jets of his own spunk. Colby’s not far behind. He’s feeding off his buddy’s energy to reach his own orgasmic climax. He unleashes his load onto his apprentice’s cock and balls, while Kevin is coming down from his hi….

Colby extends his hovering body forward. They kiss to seal the deal.

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