dato foland and frank valencia flip fuck

Dato Foland and Frank Valencia Flip Fuck for MEN AT PLAY

It’s not called Menatplay for nothing. But by ‘Play‘ we don’t mean a bunch of tedious business men at a dreary office party getting slowly hammered , stuck in awkward conversations. No, in our offices ‘play’ is when the hottest guys slip away from the office party to a private room and hook up for a quick Man-Fuck. Dato, in a rare suited appearance, waits for his colleague Frank Valencia in an empty boardroom . When Frank arrives the coupling is explosive and passionate and after Dato has fucked Frank on the boardroom table Frank flips the dynamics and takes his turn on Dato’s hole. Two masculine white collar tops pummeling each other in the boardroom, now that’s what we call a real office party!

Dato Foland and Frank Valencia Flip Fuck 01 Dato Foland and Frank Valencia Flip Fuck 02






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