five hot guys fuck raw

Five Hot Guys Fuck Raw in “Wank Party #81, Part 2” at WILLIAM HIGGINS

Part 2 of Wank Party #81, which features Filo Bruska, Nikol Monak, Martin Hovoer, Peter Lipnik and Viktor Adam, has Nikol and Martin busy rimming ass as Filo sucks cock.  Peter and Viktor as the recipients of the rimming and soon they feel cock sliding into their asses as Nikol and Martin climb on and start to fuck them.  Martin fucks Viktor as Peter takes Nikol’s cock deep into his hole.  Filo keeps sucking Peter’s dick as both guys get their holes fucked deep.  There is lots of moaning as the cocks work those hot asses.  Nikol’s ass is spread wide as he fucks hard and Martin pounds Viktor’s tight hole.  Then things change, as Nikol kneels for Filo to shove his dick deep into his ass.  Viktor lays on the floor for Martin to spoon with him. Martin’s dick stretches the hole as it goes in nice and deep.  Nikol takes Filo’s throbbing cock deep into his ass as Martin keeps up his fucking. Then Filo moves aside and Peter takes a turn at fucking Nikol’s hole. He fucks that ass nice and deep and then makes way for Filo again.  Martin continues to fuck Viktor, his dick really slamming into the hot hole.  Peter wanks himself until it is his turn to fuck Nikol again.  As he slides his dick into the waiting hole Filo leans over and kisses him.  Nikol grimaces as Peter fucks his as hard.  Then Filo takes over, his fat cock working the hole so well.  Viktor takes Martin’s dick so well and it pummels his as as hard as it can.  Peter and Filo continue to trade places, taking turns in Nikol’s hole. Nikol lays on the floor for Filo to fuck him, and wanks his own cock.  It doesn’t take long for Nikol to shoot his hot cum as Filo’s dick is deep in his ass.  Filo keeps fucking that ass until he is ready to cum, then pulls out to shoot his load over Nikol’s ass.  Peter is wanking hard too and quickly follow up with his cum, shooting it all over Nikol’s ass.  Viktor is wanking hard too as Martin kneels over him doing the same.  Martin’s creamy load shoots onto Viktor’s chest.  Viktor keeps wanking and soon delivers his own creamy load.Peter and Filo kiss again and all the guys stand up and begin to kiss as their photoshoot comes to an end.


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