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Harley Everett, Hung Muscle Dad fucks Hung Young Lad, Freddie White at HARD BRIT LADS

This scene is a real treat for anyone who likes to see Dad fucking Lad action, especially as it features the popular young newbie Freddie White, with his cute innocent looks and permanently hard eight incher, getting fucked by dominant six foot three skinhead bodybuilder Harley Everett. Harley and Freddie are standing in their sports kit, with prominent semi hard dicks poking against the fabric of their shorts. Freddie gets a feel of Harleys thick eight incher, squeezing it, they start kissing, and Harley reaches for Freddies big stiff bulge, and they continue feeling each others meat as they kiss. They take off their sports vests and Harley pulls Freddie into his massive chest, initiating some very hot nipple play from both of them, rubbing and squeezing each others now rock solid bulges at the same time. Harley reaches inside Freddie shorts to release his throbbing meat, and its a big tasty uncut eight inches. Freddie gets on his knees and opens wide to takes Harleys big dick into his mouth, and takes it as deep as he can, managing more than half. He gets it nice and wet as he starts sucking slow and deep. Harley gets a little forceful and starts pushing it in deeper, and he manages to get almost the whole thing down his throat.. then some hot noisy throat fucking, extremely horny. Harley pulls Freddie back up, then gets down on his knees to suck him, getting his cock really wet, jerking him off hard, making his dick look like he is about to shoot at any second.. Freddie is on all fours now, his arse facing us, Harley pulls his smooth pale butt cheeks apart, spits into his hole, rubbing it in, then gets down too get his tongue in there using plenty of spit making his boy hole juicy. He pushes a finger in to stretch his tight hole, then slaps his cock against Freddie arse, teasing his hole. He pushes it in slowly, making Freddie gasp and moan. He begins to slide his dick in and out slowly and gently, letting Freddie get used to it. Gradually, Harley starts to speed up, fucking a little harder now, with long strokes. Freddie loves it, so Harley fucks him hard, till he cant take it anymore. Freddie lays on his back on the sofa now, holding his legs back, arse in the air, and Harley pushes his dick back inside his hungry butt. Harley grips Freddies legs, holding them back as he starts fucking Freddie with deep long strokes. As before, he starts fucking harder and faster as Freddie gets more and more into it. Harley changes the position a little, leaning right over Freddie to kiss him as he fucks him, getting his dick even deeper at this angle. Almost more than Freddie can take. Harley slows down a little as Freddie feels himself getting close to cumming.. Freddie tells him FUCK ME and starts to jerk off as Harley thrusts in hard and deep, and almost immediately Freddie starts to shoot. Load after hot load keeps pumping out, totally showering his chest and abs.. he shoots hard and he shoots a lot.. Harley pulls out, plunging his dick back into Freddie mouth to get sucked before jerking off over his face.. and suddenly he shoots, and its another strong powerful cum shot, with plenty of thick hot jizz spunking over Freddies face and into his open mouth. Freddie sucks the rest of the cum from Harleys still throbbing cock. An incredible climax to an awesome scene.


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