jack taylor bangs robbie rojo

Jack Taylor Bangs Robbie Rojo in “Sharp” at UK HOT JOCKS

Jack Taylor sits on a leather ottoman looking dapper as fuck, black suit, white shirt and gold details. He’s got a look in his eye that says he’s on the prowl, directing that stare at the gorgeous Robbie Rojo. Standing tall in a navy suit, grey tie and white shirt, very crisp and sexy. Jack swaggers up to Robbie, mutually appreciating and each other’s effort, hands run over silk and stitching, lips lock and these young guns go to town on each other! Jackets hit the floor and shirt buttons pop, toned creamy muscle peeks through tailored white linen. Kisses get sloppy, cocks get hard and boys get hungry! Robbie is first to pull his massive dick out of his open fly, Jack devours him slobbering, giving him a hot and wet suck. Getting on the sofa they swap saliva, pre cum and cocks, Robbie makes jack rock solid while he lays back and enjoys. Hard and ready he pushes Robbie down and mounts him, thrusting hard into his perfect bubble butt. Long slow strokes turn into a hard pounding, Robbie moves his ass up and down, back and forth, doing all the work much to Jacks pleasure! Sitting on him, reverse cowboy he continues to take the lead and bounce on Jacks cock, taking turns Jack, jack-hammers his hole both boys moaning the place down! Flipped over again Jack ploughs into him deep, using his gold tie around Robbie’s neck to pull him in to kiss, not stopping the fuck fest in between. Big loads-a-cumming, both boys are going furiously at it, Robbie wanks him self off and sprays a huge wad over his tanned torso, Jack pulls out and adds to the now-massive sticky mess!


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