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Justin Brody Fucks Dillon Rossi Outdoor in “Summer Fun” at COCKY BOYS

Dillon loves to run outdoors. The feeling of his dick rubbing against his shorts as he jogs—that VPL (visible penis outline) of his big cock swinging back and forth is definitely hyptonizing! Justin passes by in his wrangler, the two of them checking each other out. Dillon starts talking about his fantasy—how Justin will pull over, tell him to get in the jeep, They’ll fuck, right there, in the car and in the woods.

We’re taken for a ride as Dillon’s fantasy plays out. Dillon gets into the passenger seat. Two guys pull out their big, bulging dicks, making out and stroking each other. Justin starts deep-throating Dillon’s cock. Justin says how he noticed Dillon cock flopping around in his shorts when ran, saying, “I have a big dick too.”  Dillon replies, “Oh fuck, I want to feel it inside of me.”

They get out of the car, and first Dillon starts sucking Justin. Justin flips him around and starts rimming Dillon’s hot ass. Justin slips his cock into Dillon’s ass, and they quickly start fucking in the woods. Dillon is riding Justin’s dick, sliding his ass back and forth on Justin’s rod. Justin throws Dillon on the front of the jeep and fucking Dillon till he shoots his load all over himself. Shortly thereafter Justin squirts his load all over Dillon.


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