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Leo Luckett Rides Huge Dick of Dylan Drive in “Big Cock Yoga” at EXTRA BIG DICKS

Leo is instructing Dylan in a few Yoga Positions and stretching exercises. When they put their feet together and start stretching, Dylan’s big cock falls outside the side of his shorts. Also he is obviously getting aroused because he is leaving a pre-cum trail from the end of his cock to the exercise mat. Leo cannot resist when he sees it. And after stroking it for a bit, he starts deep throating Dylan’s big cock.

They then move into a 69 position and Dylan starts rimming Leo’s beautiful bubble butt. Once his ass is nice and wet Leo lowers himself onto the massive cock. And then he rides him long and deep. Dylan then takes advantage of Leo’s flexibility and he pile drives his cock deep into Leo’s eager ass. They fuck in a couple more positions and Leo then shoots his load all over himself and Dylan does the same. Enjoy!


Leo Luckett Rides Huge Dick of Dylan Drive 01


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