martin hover barebacks peter lipnik

Martin Hover Barebacks Peter Lipnik in “Screen Test RAW – Full Contact” at WILLIAM HIGGINS

Peter Lipnik’s Screentest has him paired with Martin Hovor.  Peter is relaxing on the sofa when Martin arrives.  Martin lays on top of Peter, kissing and caressing him.  Then Peter sits up and they kiss some more.  Martin helps Peter take off his tee shirt.  Then his own is removed too.   Martin’s pants are bulging and soon they come down to give Peter access to the stiff cock.  Peter’s hot mouth envelopes the cock sucking on it as Martin moans with pleasure.  Martin takes off the pants and goes back for more sucking on his cock. Peter does a great job sucking on the dick, his bead bobbing on it as Martin’s balls get tight against the shaft. Then Peter lays back and Martin returns the favor, sucking on the hard cock in front of him.  Peter moans as he feels the hot mouth on his throbbing cock. Then they swap again with Peter sucking and Martin fucking his hot mouth hard and fast. Then Peter lays back, legs in the air for Martin to rim his tight hole.  Martin’s tongue laps at the hole and licks the tight balls. Peter enjoys the tongue and grabs his cock to wank it.  Then he sits up and kisses Martin as they change positions.  Martin sits as Peter climbs over him and slides his hot ass down on to the waiting cock.  Martin’s cock opens the hole real well, as he fucks up into it.  Peter holds his ass in place as Martin slams his dick deep inside.  Then Peter starts to ride the big, hard, cock, taking it all the way. With his hole stretched and ready for more Peter moves so they can spoon, with Martin’s dick deep in that hot hole agai.  Martin pounds Peter’s ass as deep as he can. Martin grabs his cock and wanks it hard until he shoots his cock over his belly.  Martin continues to fuck that ass, as fast as he can until he is ready,  then he pulls out and dumps his creamy load as well.

Martin Hover Barebacks Peter Lipnik 01 Martin Hover Barebacks Peter Lipnik 02





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