sam sivahn naked on the roof

Meet our new mate Sam Sivahn naked on the roof at BENTLEY RACE

I’ve been pretty excited about posting this shoot ever since I met Sam Sivahn a few weeks ago in Melbourne. This Indonesian hottie from country Victoria came in to the city with his mate Jesse. I was only meant to be shooting with Jesse. But when I saw his cute mate, I asked Sam if he would also like to model for me. After watching Jesse’s shoot, and filming some of the BTS footage, he was totally up for also getting naked on the roof. Sam is into fitness training and it shows as he peels off his tight tshirt. But I was totally surprised by his beautiful little bum. I could have just spent the rest of the shoot taking shots of Sam’s little bubble butt. We headed back to the studio later so I could film him jacking off on the bed. In this video Sam gives me a giant cum shower as I lay filming him from the floor. Yum! Sam is my new favourite mate this summer.

Sam Sivahn naked on the roof 01 Sam Sivahn naked on the roof 02





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