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Sexy Hunk Jake Jerks Off in “National Holiday’s Trick” at MASKURBATE

To celebrate the history and culture of French Canadians, the Saint Jean Baptiste Day, officially known in Quebec as the National Holiday, I organized a fun masked party in my backyard for my dear models and friends. As it is often the case, sex acts happened between some of the participants. Jake got caught in the shed getting a blowjob. I met with him in the kitchen, where I set up my video equipment to do some interviews of my models during the day. Jake was still hard and didn’t want to return to the party like that. So we decided to take advantage of his hardon and play a trick on our friend Remi. We are mixing his wine with Jake’s cum. Remi had already too much to drink so we doubt he will notice it. Jake didn’t mind me filming him while he jerked off.


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Watch “National Holiday’s Trick” at MASKURBATE


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