steve rogers breeds ty thomas

Steve Rogers Breeds Ty Thomas in “Stranger in the Park” at NEXT DOOR RAW

Ty Thomas doesn’t usually cruise the parks for hookups. When he sees beefy hunk Steve Rogers loitering around, he decides to have a seat and see what happens. Steve notices him immediatel. As they make eye contact, he runs his hand up his thigh, cupping his package for Ty to see. Moments later, the two of them make their way to Ty’s place across the street, where Ty undresses Steve. And then he is kissing him down his muscled body and removing his pants. Finally he is diving onto Steve’s fat cock, sucking him until he’s nice and hard. Steve returns the favor, jerking himself while he deep throats Ty’s hard dick.

Ty is ready to get fucked, so he jumps on the bed, ass perched up in the air, as Steve bends down and tongues his hole, getting it nice and wet before plunging his bareback cock all the way inside. Steve fucks Ty hard from behind, his sweat dripping onto Ty’s back as his cock pounds away. They switch positions and Ty gets on top, riding Steve reverse before flipping onto his back to let Steve fuck the cum out of him. He spits his load as Steve continues to fuck him, pulling out and jizzing all over Ty, then shoving the throbbing head back in as Ty lay freshly fucked and exhausted. Enjoy!


Steve Rogers Breeds Ty Thomas 01 Steve Rogers Breeds Ty Thomas 02 Steve Rogers Breeds Ty Thomas 03 Steve Rogers Breeds Ty Thomas 04


Watch “Stranger in the Park” at NEXT DOOR RAW


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