straight rugby player jerks off

Dylan Sage, Straight Rugby Player Jerks Off at HARD BRIT LADS

Dylan Sage is exceptionally hot, with his piercing blue eyes, chiselled good looks, and a body that most muscle guys would kill for. His biceps are huge, his abs are spectacular, his whole body is so ripped and muscular, but without being overdeveloped, its really one of the hottest bodies I have ever seen. Luckily for us this super hot straight lad is happy to show it off for the lads.

Dylan starts off by pouring some oil over his awesome chest, rubbing it into his pecs and abs, making that six-pack look even more spectacular. He takes his time rubbing it in, and we have some awesome shots of his muscles flexing and glistening. Next, he starts to rub his crotch, getting a nice bulge in his shiny pale blue adidas shorts.

As he strokes it, it gets harder, straining against the inner lining of the shorts. He teases us with this for a bit, then peels off the shorts to get naked. Dylan has such a hot cock, a good seven inches, uncut, with nice foreskin and light veins, a good thickness too. As he plays with it it gets harder, and he pours oil over it, rubbing it all in. Very sexy.

He leans back on the arm of the sofa, his body looking great in this position, and slowly plays with his cock for us. He takes his hand off his dick for a bit to rub his chest and nipples, and it hangs nicely to one side.

Dylan is laying on the sofa now, with legs apart, gently playing with his throbbing dick. We have some very horny point of view shots looking down his hot body as he jerks off, and some great close ups of his uncut meat. He puts his arm behind his head, to lean back on it as he wanks, his bicep bulges, and then the muscles on his chest start to tense as he begins jerking off harder.

He continues jerking off hard for a bit, till finally he release it, shooting his thick white creamy jizz over his glistening abs as he catches his breath. Dylan squeezes out the remaining drops, and looks back us one final time.


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