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Three Beautiful Guys Fuck Raw in “Jarrod with Bastian & Jason part 1” at FRESHMEN

Our more observant members may have noticed a pattern: Every fourth week of summer features a two-part scene with three of your favourites. This week we have Jarrod Lanvin, Bastian Duffy and Jason Bacall!
Synergy is when two or more agents combine to produce a sum greater than their individual efforts. Here we have the athleticism of Bastian Duffy, the sensuality of Jason Bacall and the mischievousness of Jarrod Lanvin combine in holistic hotness-the complete sexual package.

Three beautiful guys having real nice sex. Jason is excellent as a bottom and both Jarrod and Bastian serve him well. Jason is very sensual, Jarrod very lively and Bastian is Bastian (as ever). Bastian, Jarrod and Jason differ greatly in looks and personality but complement one another beautifully here. Intimacy and mutual affection go hand in hand with hot action, as they make love to one another. Three is definitely not a crowd in this case.
Impressive cum gusher from Jarrod. You know he must have enjoyed every jet of semen leaving his penis.


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Watch “Jarrod with Bastian & Jason part 1” at FRESHMEN



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